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Arianaz Design

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Arianaz Design

From the depth of Persian culture

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With academic backgrounds in Sculpture and Jewelry design, Arianaz Dehghan developed her own brand “Arianaz Design” in 2017 and has been working as an independent jewelry designer since then.

Being fascinated by local lives and stories, Arianaz found herself committed to create authentic artworks which is not only visually appraised by the modern art lovers but also is a reflection of a culture and lifestyle.

I received one of Arianaz Design necklaces from the Qashqai collection for my birthday. Its uniquness and fine craftsmanship is amazing.

Sarah. CH

Out of ten artists (in wien exhibition), I picked out this necklace (Eslimi Ribbon), because it was interesting in several directions: it is architectural, Ornamental and also calling for fashion moments. you also might fall into neck-‘lace’ by just following the pattern getting from a grafical line-oriented design step by step into a surface with little gaps. just talking about lace in jewellery to me. Love it

Katharina Kielmann

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925 Silver

All our jewelries are made with pure 925 silver. Orders can also be made with gold, per request.

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You will receive your order with beautiful & elegant packsges suitable for gifts & occasions.

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We’ll deliver your orders in the defined areas close to our office, free of charge.

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